Easy Method Driving School


About Us

Easy Method Driving School is Maryland's oldest and largest driving school. We are a recognized leader in driver education. We are dedicated to teaching people how to drive. EMDS strives to create an atmosphere that addresses individual needs and encourages the development of a safe, confident driver. Easy Method Driving School is your one-stop shopping place for driver training.

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL offers the Maryland required Driver Education Course. This is the course that all new drivers must take in order to obtain a Maryland Driver's License. The Maryland Graduated Licensing System Law mandates new drivers, regardless of age, must receive thirty hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind the wheel instruction.


+Driver Education Course
+Mentoring Lessons
+Review Lessons
+Test Preparation
+MVA Test
+Point System Conference
+Driver Improvement Program
+Instructor Certification Courses

During your in-car sessions, only you and your instructor will be in the car. This is both for your safety and to meet your individual needs. As a new driver, your full attention is imperative when learning to drive. Anyone sitting behind you is a distraction that can put you and others at great risk. For this reason, EMDS will not allow any other passengers.

Whatever your unique driving needs are, EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL has a program that will help you meet your goal of becoming a safe, confident, licensed driver. During your entire in-car training sessions you will be the only student in the car, for your safety and to meet your individual needs.

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL'S professional driving instructors are all licensed and certified (or in certification program) by the Motor Vehicle Administration. Our driving instructors are patient, well trained and committed to providing you with the quality service you deserve.

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL believes that its instructors are the best in the industry.

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL offers in-car lessons in modern, clean, air-conditioned, automatic vehicles. EMDS schedules appointments at times that are convenient for you. We offer lessons seven (7) days a week, with pick-ups and drop-offs at home, work or school.

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL has many classroom sites, which are located throughout the state of Maryland. EMDS offers morning, evening and weekend classes. Our outstanding classroom instructors strive to create a learning environment in which each student obtains a high level of success.

To insure that you are receiving the best service possible and to answer any of your questions, EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL'S office is open six (6) days a week. Its staff of friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are ready to assist you. 301-929-7900

EASY METHOD DRIVING SCHOOL has provided training to drivers since 1931. We know that learning how to drive and earning a driver's license is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN YOURSELF. When comparing driving schools, be aware of the fact that some schools use unlicensed instructors, do not have proper insurance coverage and use vehicles not licensed for driving instruction. If the price looks too good to be true, chances are that is the truth. Our goal is to make this an easy, convenient and pleasant process for you. We urge you to treat yourself to the best!