Easy Method Driving School


Career Opportunities

Easy Method Driving School has some great employment opportunities within the Maryland and Greater Baltimore area. Take a look at our current openings listed below.

To apply for one of the positions,

Download the Job Application in either Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word formats.
[doc file] [pdf file]

Fax the completed job application to (410) 461-1079.

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Customer Service Representative (CSR)


CSR provides the customer with information about Easy Method Driving School's programs; registers customers; schedules appointments and assists instructors with their schedules.
This is a part-time position and is located in our Ellicott City office. Hourly rate, plus bonus.


Good telephone voice and manners; must be a multitasker
High School Diploma
Reliable transportation
must be available mornings, afternoon, evenings and weekends.

Driver Education Instructor


Driver Education Instructor teaches the
driver education program. This program has two parts: classroom and in car.
The driver education instructor may teach both parts; classroom only or
incar only.
This may be a full-time or a part-time
position. Classroom only is part-time; incar or both is full-time.


25+ years of age
High School Diploma
Licensed driver for the past 3 consecutive years
Clean criminal and driving records
Willing/able to obtain Maryland certification and license. We provide certification course and training.


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